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Movement is Healing is a somatic practice to understand and self-regulate the nervous system.

When you are challenged with any situation, the body generates automatic responses from your physiology, emotional system, psyche, and energy body that uncalibrated the natural rhythm of your life.

With private individual sessions of yoga therapy, breathwork, dance therapy & creative movement, Feldenkrais, zen counseling, conversation, art techniques, and meditation, I facilitate the space to teach you to regulate the nervous system and integrate the parts that have been broken. Integration is a key factor to make accurate decisions that will enhance your life. You are the healer; I am the facilitator of your process.

My sessions are face-to-face or online. They are in English or Spanish. I only work with adults and seniors.

I have twenty years of practice facilitating processes of transformation with people who have experienced uncalibrated nervous systems, such as disease, addiction, life changes, artistic projects, new endeavors, or people who just want to learn techniques to deal with daily life stressors. Nervous system regulation is a practice for everyone. We all need Integration to make good decisions and have a healthy life. 

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